comparing dimensional shingles

Dimensional (aka architectural) shingles are the most popular choice for new roofs today... 20 years ago there was a noticable difference in quality between higher priced dimensional shingles and the lower priced ones. That have changed. I firmly believe that any dimensional shingle today could serve full 30 years, if it is installed properly. Below are the economy lines of dimensional shinge from each manufacturer: 

Atlas ProLam

pros: heavier than GAF Timberline, good adheasion, larger nailing area, "bread and butter" choice

cons: only 5 color choices, no alegie treatment (color protection good for the first few years)

upgrade options: Pinnacle Prestine (alegie resistance, more color choices)

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GAF Timberline - Home Depot stock

pros: popular choice, good adheasion, treated for alegie resistance

cons: lighter weight

upgrade options: many designer shingle choices

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IKO Cambridge AR

pros: heavy, treated for alegie resistance, lower price, larger nailing area, 15 color choices

cons: adheasion is ok but not as agresive as Gaf and CertainTeed

upgrade options: Dynasty (reinforced nailing line, High Definition)

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Certainteed Landmark

pros: popular, heavy, treated for alegie resistance, good adheasion, 14 color choices

cons: higher price

upgrade options: Landmark Pro (slightly heavier, High Definition), Landmark TL (much heavier, High Definition).. and many more

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Owens Corning - Oakridge

pros: good weight and adheasion, treated for alegie resistance

cons: higher price

upgrade option: Duration (reinforced nailing area, High Definition)

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Tamko Heritage

pros: dont know

cons: dont know

upgrade option: Heritage Premium (heavier)

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